Monday, October 6, 2008

Wrap up

The long trip home passed relatively without incident, at least in contrast to the flight over. Istanbul was great and I was given a hotel room close to where I wanted to spend my time. I bought a traditional rug from Eastern Turkey to remember the city that I once hated but now loved.

The trip highlights:

  • Osh Bazaar - fantastic after the solitude and torture of central Kyrgyzstan
  • The Pamir Mountains - desolation and magical Afghan sceneryThe Wakhan Valley - the lush valley, beautiful people and incredible hospitality

The trip lowlights:

  • Pedalling into Naryn with a broken bike
  • Pedalling back to Kazarman with a broken spirit
  • Severe dehydration on the run into Kochkor
  • Altitude sickness in Tajikistan
  • The night of the leaky bowel in Murgab

The epiphany moment:

  • Sitting on a rock in 45 degree heat with little water just outside Kazarman. I learned more about myself on that rock than I cared to...

By far the most difficult and probing experience of my life. I will remember Tajikistan, in particular, and the spirit of the Pamirs long after the fear of dehydration dissipates.

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